MobiHR Apps

Most innovative, simple to use MobiHR Apps for your existing HRIS solutions providing mobility and flexibility to your Employees & Managers.

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HRIS System Audit

Get the Best out of your HRIS investment, get insights into system best performance, utilisation, quick tips and more.

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Improve your ROI: Get a helping hand to improve usability and usage with our PPT Audit.

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HRIS Review

Get the best out of your HRIS product with our in-depth system and market analysis to learn about key selling points, unique features, improvement opportunities and target market.

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Quick intro to our unique disparate offerings.
MobiHR Apps

Single source (Android & iOS compatible) mobile apps which work seamlessly with any Human Resources Information System, allowing complete flexibility and mobility to staff to perform day-to-day self-service functions on-the-go.

HRIS Audits

Our proven methods of System and PPT audits which provide you insight into your HRIS world to understand gaps and uncover opportunities to get best Return on Investment (ROI).

HRIS Reviews

We can help you with identifying that uniqueness about your HRIS product by comparing your functionalities and features with market solutions so you can pitch your product to best-fit industry sector and customer size(s) and increase sales.