Introducing No-Touch Apps

Gesture Based Contact-Free Menu Selection App!

All About No-Touch Apps

No-Touch! A Gesture based Contact-Free Menu Selection App that allows you to “Express” your actions without contact. It uses Face Detection & Face Movement Identification to convert your head movements into a Menu Selection. Just by looking in 3 directions (left-right & down); you can, book a class at gym or pay for your car parking or get a train or a bus ticket. No-Touch works, with or without Mask and can detect Change of Face so no mis-guided transactions. It does not store any camera input or uses any technology for Face Identification or Recognition and don’t worry, you don’t have to throw away your current system. We will integrate No-Touch App with your existing payment or printing system.

No-Touch Apps will:

  • ✔ 100% Touch-free operation, navigation based on Head Movements
  • ✔ Uses Face Identification (NOT Recognition), automatic reset on user change
  • ✔ Works WITH (or without) Masks!
  • ✔ 3 Directional movements (Right, Left, Down) – 2D Menu Selection
  • ✔ Quick, Intuitive, Responsive!
  • ✔ Integrations to Payments & Printer systems

No-Touch Apps

We are updating our Apps constantly to add/update new & existing features and functionalities!

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  • Paid Car Parks
  • Takeaways & Restaurants
  • Ticketing Machines - Train, Bus, Cinema
  • Token Systems - Banks, Post Offices, Hospitals, Civic Offices
  • Vending Machines - Malls, Stations Hotels